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"Everything works with "

.. stands for:

  • Quality, Performance, Dynamism
  • we make (almost) everything possible
  • we are continually changing


.. because:

  • each individual employee - as a part of the RHG family - is also responsible for the success of the company as a whole through his/her thinking and actions.
  • permanent quality and its continual improvement in all fields and all matters - in connection with all interested parties - is our top priority.
  • adherence to deadlines, high-quality planning and execution are the important basics for a high degree of customer satisfaction.
  • team-orientation, thinking and acting as equals forms the basis of our daily work.
  • the continuous training and further education of our employees is the way we can continually improve the product quality and customer satisfaction.
  • we regard making a profit as the prerequisite for ensuring our working places in the future.
  • we honour employee performance. Good communication among the staff as well as respect towards one another motivate us.
  • we ensure the innovative further development of our products and services through professional cooperation with our customers and we do justice to market demand with fair prices.
  • we are proud of our lively community, in which each individual is there for the next, therefore making the RHG family more than the sum of its employees.